Some changes for our happiness!

Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019 07:07:49 am

Friday, 18 Sep 2015 10:36:07 pm
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Some changes for our happiness!

Some changes for our happiness!

Exclusive Desk: There are changes that you have a tendency to resist joy, pleasure and wealth coming your way. Here are some ways:

Positive attitude: Be proactive and try to improve the situation by taking action. Don't live on borrowed tomorrows. Be present in the moment and take positive action that will add joy to your life.

Healthy habits: We are what we eat. So take care of your platter. Don't binge. Healthy eating is a way of living life with joy. Savour your meals instead of piling your plate with food. Similarly, be physically active. Discover the joy of playing a game, outdoor activities and see how much it helps in having a positive attitude.

Love yourself: Love and respect your sense of self. Draw your boundaries. Stay away from negative people. Have faith in your abilities and also have a sense of gratitude. Only when you celebrate what all you have, you will attract more.


Avoid jealous: Your friend might be driving a fancy car and holidaying in exotic destinations. But there's no need to get stressed over other people's luxurious lifestyle. They might be having their own set of problems. Jealously is one of the worst negative emotions and a definite joy spoiler. Being consent is a wonderful feeling.