Five tips to build your confidence

Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 02:28:05 pm

Friday, 18 Sep 2015 10:50:47 pm
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Five tips to build your confidence

Five tips to build your confidence

Exclusive: We have to face several tough situations in our life. Every situation we should tackle with great confidence. So question is how we can do this. Five easy ways to build our confidence:

01. Wear a carefree attitude:
A straight posture, a bright smile and a swagger are some of the best tools to get started. Even if you are not that strong from within, pretend to be strong. Be helpful, but not giving; be loving, but never submissive. Make sure you wear the most confident and carefree self always; take risks and correct people when wrong. Look in the eye while you talk and nod as you listen, show that you do not care what the world thinks about you. Lastly, accept criticism gracefully, but don't let it pull you down.

02. Praise yourself:
Stand before the mirror every morning and take notice of all the good things about you. Dress well, and make sure you are at your presentable best every day. Encourage compliments, but always express your gratitude with confidence. Let your ideal answer to a compliment be as simple as, 'Thank you, I know.' Indulge in a lot of self talk, but without sounding like a bragger. Stop disliking everything about you; instead boost yourself with a lot of positive energy.

03. List downs your strengths:
You might have more failures than successes. Everyone does; but weigh your high notes more than the downfalls. List down your strengths, and always go back to them whenever you are feeling low. Include both professional and personal achievements of your life. You might have lost track of them over the years, but just a glance at all your achievements will make you realize how fabulous a person you are.

04. Choose your company:
A great deal of your confidence-boosting exercise depends on the people around you. Make sure you always have good company who not only understand you, but are always there to cheer you up when you feel low. Be it friends, family or colleagues, you must have a bunch of positive people around. They have an immense power of boosting your confidence, since they are the ones who appreciate and cherish these qualities within you.

05. Indulge in quality 'me' time:
If not every day, one should spend some 'me' time at least four to five times a week. Spending some alone time with yourself helps you understand and develop certain abilities. In fact, it works wonders in times of crisis since it helps you come out with out-of-the-box solutions. Doing things that you are passionate about works positively to build your confidence. Anything like pampering yourself at a spa or salon, reading or just sitting by yourself and smiling can go a long way.