JKG's Dr Sabrina Arif held

Sunday, 01 Aug 2021 05:47:06 pm

Sunday, 12 Jul 2020 04:46:47 pm

JKG's Dr Sabrina Arif held

JKG's Dr Sabrina Arif held

Police have detained JKG Health Care chairman Dr Sabrina Arif in connection with issuing fake COVID-19 certificates.

After detention, she was questioned by police on Sunday afternoon, DMP's Tejgaon division DC Harun-Or-Rashid told MTnews24.com.

Later, Dr Sabrina was shown arrested after her link with JKG fraud was found in investigation, the deputy commissioner said.

Police came to know that JKG Health Care, a non-profit organization, issued 27,000 COVID-19 reports. Out of those, the facility made tested 11,540 samples through ICDCR, and prepared reports of rest 15,460 samples in its Laptop which evidences were found in seized Laptop. 

Sabrina is a doctor at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. Though she claimed she is COVID-19 affairs consultant of JKG, not chairman but police enquiry suggested she is the chairman of the establishment.