2 get death penalty, 3 jailed unto death

Saturday, 24 Jul 2021 10:56:18 am

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 03:14:56 pm

2 get death penalty, 3 jailed unto death

2 get death penalty, 3 jailed unto death

The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-1 has awarded death penalty to two Moulvibazar men while another three have been jailed unto death for their crimes in 1971.

A three-member judge panel headed by Justice Md Shahinur Islam announced the verdict on Wednesday.

Md Nesar Ali and Md. Ujer Ahmed Chowdhury have been awarded with death penalty and Shamsul Hossain Tarafder alias Ashraf, Yunus Ahmed and Mobarak Mia have been jailed unto death.

Of the five, only Yunus and Ujer are in jail.

Earlier, the tribunal on Tuesday set today to pass its judgment.

The ICT-1 on November 20, 2017, kept the verdict on CAV (curia advisory vault, a Latin legal term meaning the court awaits verdict), meaning the court can pass verdict on any day after it completed hearing from both the prosecution and defense counsel.

The ICT-1 on June 9, 2016, took five charges pressed by the prosecution, into cognizance.

Hearing on charge framing was held on November 2, of the same year.

On December 8, the tribunal directed the authority concerned to run the trial framing charge against the accused.