Legal action against those to be found on streets after 6pm

Saturday, 24 Jul 2021 10:13:33 am

Friday, 10 Apr 2020 09:50:38 pm

Legal action against those to be found on streets after 6pm

Legal action against those to be found on streets after 6pm

No one will be allowed to come out of their houses after 6:00pm during the general holidays declared by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus across the country.

The Ministry of Public Administration on Friday issued a gazette notification extending the general holidays till April 25.

On March 26, the government first introduced a 10-day shutdown till April 4, which was later extended till April 11, and then again till April 14.

With the new notice, the ministry said the extended holidays will not be like the ones being observed in Bangladesh right now.

It asked people to stay at home in order to minimize the spread of coronavirus infection and requested people not to go out except for extreme emergencies.

“No one can go outside after 6:00pm. Legal action will be taken if anyone violates this directive,” warned the government.

With the notification, the ministry limited movement of people from one area to another. It also asked all government officials and staff to be at their work stations in their respective divisions, districts, upazilas and unions.

However, emergency services like utility services will not fall under the purview of the restrictions.

Agriculture products, insecticides, fuel, newspapers, food, industrial products, medical equipment, emergency and essential product transportation will not fall under the restriction.

Also, kitchen market, groceries, pharmacy stores and hospitals will not be under restriction.

“Offices can remain open for emergency needs. If required, the pharmaceutical industry, production and export-oriented industries can keep their factories open,” added the notification.

The government will gradually remove restrictions from transports including rickshaws, vans, buses and railways once the situation improves, it added.